I Will Remember

September 13, 2011
By aviationgirl2010 BRONZE, Burien, Washington
aviationgirl2010 BRONZE, Burien, Washington
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Hey, you there, with that smile so bright

Did you know that I think of you each night?

Don’t ever lose the courage you taught me to have

Or the way each day, you always smile and laugh

Don’t forget those late nights at your house

When we stayed up so late, I don’t know how

How did we stay up long enough to see every star?

I will never forget that, no matter where we are

Even if fate steps in and we go down separate paths

Sometimes I’ll just wonder, where you’re at

I will look back at pictures, and I will proudly say your name

I’ll tell memories that made it so I wouldn’t be the same

Telling stories to the new people in my life

Remembering and saying how you opened my eyes

How we became the best friends that can be

Later in our lives will be different than how things are

But I will never ever forget who you are

That person who took a seat beside me

A person who showed me how much we will be

So make a promise to me, right now my friend

Say you will stand by me as long as you can

If we can stay friends forever and ever

We can look back at the good times together

But if we turn corners, and go separate ways

Always look back at the pictures and say

“I will always remember” say that with pride

“The amazing times we spent together”

Remember when I found a friend in you

Also, you got the same from me too

I promise you I will look back each day

And this is what I will say

“I still remember”

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