don't let me be

September 13, 2011
By LOVE_of_ALL PLATINUM, Washington, DC, Other
LOVE_of_ALL PLATINUM, Washington, DC, Other
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love is not something you find, love is something you become

if you tell me why
you won't let me see you cry
i need you to be honest
you're killing me inside
nothing worse than leaving something good behind
hard to set your love aside
and your arms remain open wide
thats what scares me the most,
that you take my abuse
I'm so concerned and so confused
yeah, you're kinda getting used
don't let me go, don't let me do this to me
or to you, don't let me leave you be.
I'm just scared, that's all I am
and ever will be.
don't think I don't care,
because I've never cared more.
for anyone.
and now I might be gone.
but this isn't done,
I just need your hand
to pull me out of my funk.
lets fly away and land
in another world.
if you could, I really hope you would.
that would be good for me and you.

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