Rising Out of Terror

September 11, 2011
By Anonymous

September 11the 2001
The day theat is inscribed on so many tombs of children
The day that the sun
Seem like it could never rise again

Twins collapsing off the face of the Earth
In an attack against our freedom
A violent rebirth
Of terrorism

Ten years later
Ten million years later
We will never be the same
Somehow out of the ashes and pain

We must rise up
Stumble on
Be brave
Be strong

Rise up
Lift your head in defiance
Justice will be served
Don’t give up

Rise up
Out of the dust
Rise up
Join Hands

September 11the
Is not the end
We must make the sun rise again
Rise up with tears in our eyes

We love you
Whether you’re in heaven
Or on Earth

Rise up
Join hands
Let the tattered flag fly.

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