The Chase

September 11, 2011
At night i cry myself to sleep
I hang off the edge of the bed and weep
As the tears roll down my face
My mind and heart begin to race
What do i ever do wrong
All my life I've been so strong
A little voice comes in my head
And its this time of night I dread
I think of all the things I've had
And what I did to make life so bad
I think of ways to fix the pain
I wish my life was simple and plain
But I never find a way to escape
It's like I'm tied to my bed with tape
These dreams they never go away
They are stuck in my head night and day
But what I get instead of shame
Is tiny voices calling my name
In the morning when I wake
I wish all this would take a break
All the things in my head
Never stay inside my bed
They follow me where I go
The voices try and let me know
But finally I see some light
And now my life seems so bright
At least thats whats on my face
While I'm going through this chase

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