The Product of Life

September 11, 2011
By Anonymous

When she was younger, she could see and comprehend the existance of magic and beauty in the world.
She would wander around in the field of sunflowers that grew higher than even her daddy's head and pretend that she was in fairyland.
She could run barefoot across the lawn and play in the dirt and make friends with all the bugs.
She was content with her mute friend and all they would do was make tracks in the snow.
Her mommy would hug her and she would fall asleep warm and cozy every night.

Now she's older, and the world is grey and bleak.
The sunflowers are long dead and her daddy doesnt want to play anymore.
Her feet are covered in cuts so she keeps her shoes on and smashes the bugs that come too close.
Now the boys all talk too much and want too much and she gives it to them.
Her mommy is disappointed in her and now she falls asleep with the sadness of the world crashing down around her.

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