Please Stay

September 11, 2011
So is this it?
We’re here again aren’t we
I thought I could fix it
You, me, the thing that keeps us apart
But most of all
I thought I could chase our demons
But only you can
And then I can
We must do it ourselves
Apart and in pain
My efforts to save you
Seem to have been in vain
I forgive you of course
But our broken promise
Has left me with a broken heart
I broke us
You broke us
We broke it
I know we can fix this
I am willing to try
I forgive your breaking point
I understand how hard it is
To give up a “lifeline”
But trust me,
It’s not the only one you have
I’m here and I can do it
I can hold you up when you’re falling
Hold you tight if you start bawling
And if you want it so bad
That you feel like crawling
I'll be there to lie in your path
And I won’t stand unless you
Lay down with me
I want to hold your hand
And see that face
And kiss those lips
But I don’t want it
To end like this
Can we love through the pain?
Can I stand when the truth and lies
Fall like rain
With your love I can
But without it I can do nothing

Can’t eat, sleep, speak
I feel like a little girl
Small and weak
Without you I feel empty and lost
I need your heart to care
I need your mind to include me
I love you more than you could ever know
And I will always care
So don’t let this be the end of us
It’s only demon we can fight away
Please… just stay

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