Lost in my thoughts

September 14, 2011

I’m lost in my thoughts
They keep me alive
Keep me from losing my mind
I hope they stay with me
As they drown out yells
I hear my thoughts calling so loudly
Make me suffer
Lasts to long when you wait for the answer
I look through my eyes
Everything shows me my way of life
My new normal of living in the past
Kills me
I’m lost
My thoughts guide me through my future
More to the present
I can’t open my eyes
Scared to see what’s next
I can only imagine
I’m safe
If only we lived in a world
Where love surrounds us
Only anger consumes us
I listen
I wait for the light to shine in me
Comes near
Not close enough
My thoughts are the only cure for me
They disappear
As I get afraid
Of the life I live
Fills with hatred
Thoughts can push it away
I only hope it can go away
I finally hear the screaming of the answer
My thoughts come along with me
As I walk on my path
Opened my eyes
I needed to know who I am
Now I know

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