September 15, 2011
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Forced out my body,
because of the pain.
I stand beside myself,
And watch the scene unfold
I watch as he rips at my clothes,
Trying to take what is not his.
I scream at myself to fight.
But I remain limp,
Tears roll down my face,
As I continue to scream in fear and anger.
As he reaches for my pants, I slowly realize
That only I can save my self
That my fear and anger,
Can be my savior.
With that thought,
I dive back in my body
And I begin to fight.
Transforming all my fear and anger into strength
My fist connects with his jaw
I reach for the iron poker,
And swing with as much strength as I have,
Rendering him unconscious.
I push him off me,
And slowly stand up
Unstable on my legs,
I walk unsteadily to the phone,
And dial 911
When I hear the sirens approach
I look down and see my step fathers face,
And smile.

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