And So We Are Divided

September 3, 2011
By Vareesha12 ELITE, Troy, Michigan
Vareesha12 ELITE, Troy, Michigan
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And I love you,

Cheesiest words I have never said,

How I am unable to think coherently,

When you come to speak my way,

How I quicken,

How my heart speeds,

With just a look from you to me,

Your eyes are the sweetest stars in the deep blue,

Break a wall,

Keep it real,


That is what we want,

Yet a lie,

Lie in reality,

Trace our memories in moments alone,

Face our insecurities,

Our flaws,

I lied,

Unknowing to me,

You are not perfect,

Not at all,

We are not opposites,

Not meant to be,

Yet we are drawn to each other,


Not Logical,


At heart,

Able to cut each other,

To break each other,


Our relationship,

You ask for kindness,

I ask for realness,

Unable to give,

But try to anyways,

An egg whispered to with our secrets,

I said everything,

Poured the facts simply said,

Being careful not to say,

Gushed loved words,

That adorn my image of you,

I am no fool,

Though I am in love,

I do not want to create guilt,

I do not want power,

The power to cut,




I know,

The ones you trust,

To never hurt you,

Are the ones,

Who hurt you anyways,

Who hurt you most,

This is a Revolution!

I take this to you,

But you never found,

A way to give,

When given,

Though we talked about,

The show of policy,

I know you call me,

Unwarranted traitor,

Yet my intentions,

Never missed,

Their true mark,

Yet you say you are free,

And open,



I keep my solemn echoes,

This is the shot heard around the world,

We fight on this,

On everything,

I cannot say,

What will become of this,

For I am no longer,

A seer,

A guesser,

I take what is given,

For to expect,

Means to fall,

To whims of disappointment,

I say nothing,

For it is feeling,


Not mind,

I do not choose,

I cannot choose,

To care this way,

But I do,

God I do,

This is a Curse!

But I bare it,

For it means to hold,

To humanity,

If only by a thread,

How much you love me,


I guess,

On how little I love you,

I think Irony serves a place here,

Because you are,

Stronger of heart,

And I am stronger of mind,

You love me more,

But not wanted,

I love you less,

But not wanted,

Friendship and more than,

The latter nonexistent,

On your part,

I hold to what I can choose,


I made a choice,

So shut up,

I do not want your pity,

Your words spoken with caution,

You do not need,

To hold this burden,

And I love you less,

I wish to say,

I wish I could say,

That I love you less,

Yet through my illusion of your perfection,

And realization of your facades,

Through every day of our standbys and games,

I have found,

Against my rational will,

That I love you unconditionally,

So take your insecurities away,

Fight them,

Fight this!

Because I am tired,

Tired of what they do to you,

How it hinders you,

I do not fulfill your desires,

I will never be what you want,

This train of thought might pause but will not end,

I will not be hindered any longer by what barriers we have put on ourselves,

No boundaries,

Tell me a story to get a story,

How we are learning to play this game,

Learning to spiral if we wish to turn,

Things have changed and changed and will keep changing,

What I thought in the beginning is not what I think now,

Those words are simply memories,

Like the pain you caused me,

No matter how accidental,

It hurt,


Not hurts,

Because this pain does not attack,

But the memories still hit with blunt throws,

Guess there is a lot to bypass,

I am reality,

While you are just a fantasy,


I realized,

Won't last,

Is not meant to be,

And so,

So many tragedies could be written,

If I was a person who wrote such things,

By mirages...,

I do not fall for them like you do,

Bickering friends is what we are,

You do not love me the way I love you,

Though you love me more,

On my side,

I love you,

Love you less,

But I hope to love you different,

Love you more,

So this can change,

So this can simply end...,

Then begin again,

But different,

Though right now,

Things are unsure,

And I do not know where we are going,

With whatever unsaid words we have said,

And so,

We are


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