September 3, 2011
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--Who is this girl? Sittin' with the boys.

The girl who hates the quiet,

But gets annoyed by the noise.

But is it really noise?

Or words that she doesn't 'wanna hear.

People in her ears,

makin' the tears,

fall from her face,

>And the only thing to help her is her faith,

which leaves her without a trace.

Some days she's strong, but some days she's not.

When things get tough, her feet get caught.

She quits, falls back;

Maybe someone else will complete the task.

She's caught between the lies and the truth,

& this time there's no falling back.

Cause she's the only one who can choose.

-To live or To live Lively.

--And she already knows that to live doesn't mean your alive.

You see, music is her life.

She gets lost in the words, the songs, the notes.

People tell her things she can't hear.

She blocks it out, prevents the pain .

>But when she takes her ear buds out, she feels alone,


Has she really been listening enough to feel insane!?

You see her music sometimes brings pain,

but not the kind that can always be felt.

So when the truth comes, it hits her h a r d,

like her skin being hit, with a leather belt.

- It Snaps... leaves a bruise . But not forever,

Soon it will heal, leaving her skin as soft and innocent as a feather .

~It's okay, she reassures herself, Don't worry about it...

Soon the wound will leave, and you forget.

But little does she know that this pain,

is forever Marked,

in her Heart.

>>But she can still try to cover it up,

put on her high heels and bad attitude,

And act all tough.

But she knows at the end of the day,

the pain is still within her, aching inside.

She is trapped and lost, without a guide.

She feels alone, but refuses when people want to help her.

~I'm a big girl, she says, I'm strong,

I can find my own "Happily Ever After".

Now what is she supposed to do!?

Wake up Little Girl,

The only one who keeps hurting you, is you !

Open your eyes,

Breakaway from the lies.

-Nobody knows who you are,

You think nobody is there for you,

But you won't let them.

Open your heart, and you'll see..

that a lot of people have a hand to lend.

Escape all the Pain the the Lies.

But don't block it out, just step over it.

--Your better than your past,

---So work for your future.

Every once in a while, turn off your Ipod.

Don't be like that girl who waited too long,

she blocked out EVERYTHING,

and eventually people stopped trying.

They gave up on her, just like she gave up on herself.

->So please, take your headphones off,

HEAR the birds sing.

LOOK at your friends, family, and even the s*** that stings.

EMBRACE all of it.

This is Life, there's good and bad.

So take them off, and realize,

that compared to all of the good things, the truth just hurts a tad.

-Knock your wall down,

or I'll knock knock it down for you.

-Turn your music off,

or I'll turn it off for you.

You see, music is great but it's not all a person needs.

Please don't be like the girl who hid,

from The Pain,

The Lies,

and The Cries,

->Save Her, please .

->Save Yourself .

->Save Me.

You have all the tools you need,

so start fighting .

You ask me how I know?

Well, that girl you see sittin' over there,

headphones blaring,

people staring.

Who is She!? you ask?

Well, That girl is you,

That girl is me,


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thefamoustapper said...
Nov. 26, 2011 at 11:06 am

It really ends surprisingly! You really express your feelings vividly! Fantastic job keep writing!


KityraAnderson said...
Nov. 26, 2011 at 11:02 am
This is really really good...I really liked it :) And it's so true!!!
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