An explanation of still birth

September 3, 2011
By Tilliedee BRONZE, London, Other
Tilliedee BRONZE, London, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"live life like you are going to die tommorow, learn like you are going to live forever" Albert Einstien

Imagine your whole life being an illusion
your imagination has taken place, your mind has deceived you
your filled with pain, frustration and confusion
and your creation will never leave you

You've lived through childhood, so innocent and kind
playing so freely, learning to read and write
with no worries or stresses on your mind
so easy to please so easy to excite

You've lived through your teen years
where the stress of school is balanced with fun
lost your virginity, partied and cried many tears
you past your GCSEs and were thrilled when they were done

You went to university and found your soul-mate
years later you married him, your dad gave you away
had three beautiful children, your mum thought it was great
and now there off to uni and its their funds you will pay

Imagine your whole life being an illusion
your a new born baby again your whole life was fated
your heart stops working because of confusion
everything was a lie your imagination created

your parents are crying because of your death
they believe you were too young and did not get a chance to experience life.
your still birth caused them a lot of stress
what they don't know is you already lived, had kids and were a beautiful wife.

To the mums and dads who's children die young
they chose to die because mentally they had already lived
they were happy, had an amazing life and so much fun
you raised them, they love you and that's the memory they'll die with.

The author's comments:
Inspired by a dream that i woke up as a baby and my whole life was created by a figure of my imagination.

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