A Man Among Boys

September 3, 2011
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It's been awhile since I talked to you
and it's been even longer since I heard a reply
it's just that Its hard to say you name
when you didn't even let me say goodbye
I know that my pain wasn't your intent
and I know that these cuts will heal
but my fragile little 8 year old mind
thought you were made of steel

I never thought 8 years could pass so slow
everyday I think about what if you were still here
I don't know why you had to go away
but everyday I swear it brings me to tears
your gravestone brings no closure
as I'm still wandering around this earth
although I didn't have you long
you were an amazing dad for what it's worth

dad I'm thankful
I'm grateful
for all the help you given me
you made a man among boys when you passed on
I just hope that you're proud of me
I don't know where you've gone
but I know you're watching over me
so know that I love you
and that no one could ever dream to take your place
and know that you're family is okay
and that your memory will never be erased

the lord giveth and the lord takeith
but did it have to be so soon
did it have to be so soon
because dad I can't talk to you
if you're sitting up there way past the moon
I feel like I can't be the man I could
if I got a little more time playing catch with you
talkin sports with you, talking cars, and girls too
because when god took you
he took my world

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