As soon as I find my voice

September 2, 2011
By imnotjaye SILVER, Los Angeles, California
imnotjaye SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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"We live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities."
Oscar Wilde
Irish dramatist, novelist, & poet (1854 - 1900)

As soon as I find my voice,
I will write the words of my life
across the galaxy.
They will read: my life is my letters, words,
notes of happiness, written in the thin glow of stars.
They will be out there for the world to see,
I am ready to become vulnerable,
Expose myself to the unknown criticism of the world.
Are you ready to see my words, my thoughts?
Are you ready to see my mind?

As soon as I find my voice,
I will be accepted as a person,
For my perfections, imperfections
My flaws, my blemishes,
My quirks, my ticks,
Will you accept me for who I am,
My style, my humor,
My baggage, my past,
My family, my friends?
I am ready to let you in.
Are you ready to accept the real me?
Are you ready to explore my life as it is given to you?

As soon as I find my voice,
I will dance in the rain
And show off my beauty.
Water droplets will fall from the gardens of Eden
And wash me of my sins,
My clothes drenched with
tears of joy from the gods.
Will you dance with me
In the rain, will you
Soak yourself in joyous tear with me, will you
Sway your body to the silent melody with me?
Are you ready to bask in beauty?
Are you ready to lift your head to the heavens and
Celebrate what the gods blessed you with?

As soon as I find my voice,
I will emerge from the shell
That I occupy,
A snail poking its head to the world,
Not afraid anymore of the big bad world.
I will leave my familiar behind
and venture into the unknown.
Will you come out with me,
Will you become a new person with me,
an unprotected, naïve, reborn being?
Are you ready to be free?
Are you ready to escape with me?

As soon as I find my voice,
I will sprout wings and fly away,
Tipped with gold, outlined in silver,
Blocked with ivory, glossy, pearly white.
I am ready to take the leap,
to free fall, to plummet to
either my demise,
or my rise.
Will you take my hand and jump with me? Will you
Jump, land on a cloud and tell me to be fearless and jump too?
Are you ready to fall?
Are you ready yourself, to trust me?

As soon as I find my voice,
My world won’t just be in my mind,
On paper, on the bookshelf
It will be standing in front of me,
And you will be a part of my life.
I am ready to open my eyes,
Ready to accept my new reality.
Will you as accepting, as open as me?
Are you ready to open your eyes?
Are you ready to invite a new universe into your present?
Because I am.

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