September 2, 2011
By MaryyJane-eyes PLATINUM, Raytown, Missouri
MaryyJane-eyes PLATINUM, Raytown, Missouri
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My nerves ache and boil as
confidence dissipates, a quick save for
those who suffer blindness of the heart.
Is it wisdom or is it coincidence?
Somehow, I
seem to know my
walls of stone - the ones with sealed cracks
to keep out the sunset reds and pinks
and keep in the absence of light. This is
monster brawl, a
stiffening of the shoulders and the neck
before it twists and cracks
and declines the
offer of a
nervous breakdown.
Refuse all you want and
do no good with it -
the wind still continues to whistle,
to venture out into the
open seas of your irises, teasing the star
pupil and
ridiculing every leak of the mouth.
Time stops for no one, but oh
has it slowed to a
The light in the house just withdrew.

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