The Difference

September 2, 2011
By Mgc88 BRONZE, Aberdeen, South Dakota
Mgc88 BRONZE, Aberdeen, South Dakota
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Lightning strikes through the blackened clouds
Fighting my way past the endless crowds
They push, they shove, and then I fall
On my hands and knees I crawl
Through rivers and valleys I make my way
The sun gives not a single ray
Darkness blinds me, makes me weep
I cannot breathe and yet I creep
Day after day I fight the dread
My body aches and I feel dead
Then the world is shifting fast
I know the evil cannot last
I look around, see blooming trees
The grass sways in a gentle breeze
Surroundings vivid, clear, and clean
The sky is perfect, blue, pristine
I take a breath and then I smile
I'll be here for quite a while
I wonder why the world is new
The grass so green, the sky so blue
And then it is all clear to see
The only thing that changed is me

The author's comments:
The message is that life is how you perceive it.

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