faded yellow dressers

September 2, 2011
holding all these wounds inside/i'm fighting off the urge to cry/ you'll never see any of the pain you've caused me/it's time to go/no you ask to much of me/stiffling me with words/syrupy sweet/sweetly sick/the only thing you'll have left of me/my heart and old wasted tears/snuggled safely in a drawer/keep me in your heart/keep me in your mind/waste your time with thoughts of me/you've already taken everything/what else could i give?/what else do you want so greedily?/you've taken my heart/you've taken my time/you've stolen my tears/you kidnapped my happiness/i won't let you get my life/no love, you are asking too much of me/i have to go/ i'm running out of air/you're cold love/it's coming from your heart/your reaching out to me/no, your asking too much/i have to go/i'm loosing me/keep me close/keep me forever/i'm empty/i have nothing left to give/please, just let me go......

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loosingme said...
Sept. 17, 2011 at 3:44 pm
sweet poem.
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