September 2, 2011
By zack1069 GOLD, Loveland, Ohio
zack1069 GOLD, Loveland, Ohio
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Let us go, my curious friends
To the place where all the wonder ends.
Let us finally see the light!
Hear all the music that heaven sends.
And see the road that no longer bends
Out of our narrow human sight.
Yes, let us know now who is right!

Will you please, if I but ask,
Come with me and joyfully bask
In all there is to know?
To know our secret, hidden task
and drink from the immortal’s flask
And hear the trumpets blow?
Oh let us end this maddening show!

I tire of hearing the masses shout,
“We know best, without a doubt!”
I tire of the darkened ignorance
And the gaping knowledge drought.
We must find these secrets out!
I long to awaken from my trance
And join the gods in their knowledge dance.

So let us wash up on the shore
Away from guesswork and ancient lore
And let us satisfy our need
To know our purpose here for sure
To throw the mystery upon the floor
And then we shall be freed!
What wonderfully boring lives we’ll lead!

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