Growth from Pain

September 13, 2011
I float through life as a ghost of the past
I dream of wishes I used to have
Smiles radiate from my glowing eyes and when I turn away, tears pour down like rain.
The places I find peace are where no one can go
I long to see the faces of people I know because my friends are all strangers to me.
I’m learning the art of living half alive but I’m a breakable glass…
I’m a leaf falling far away from its safe tree
I’m a wind that’s forever changing
I’m a home to the battered hearts that need love
I see a stranger in the mirror when I look at myself
I hear voices all around, asking where the little girl I used to be can be found
She has grown up and run away.
It almost seems I’m in a dream that I can’t wake up from
So I’ll turn in circles until I fall into another life
I promise to dare to dream
I may not end up where I’ve planned to go, but I will end up where I’m meant to be
It may be raining now, but it can’t go on forever.

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