The Pain of Puberty

September 13, 2011
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Stop staring at my breasts Mom and Dad you already know they're big!,

I can even go to the salon with people asking how old am I,

When I was Freshman and Sophomore everyone thought I was an upper classman,

Now I'm a Junior in High School and now everybody's asking,

Are you a Senior,

No I am not I'm just Junior,

I've not hit the big 18,

I walk down the halls and see my teacher's last year staring at me,

Really I've changed that much,

It's the pain of puberty,

I look in the mirror and home feel like I'm 22,

When I see how full my face has gotten,

Over the years I've been in school,

I'll never forget the day I went to see my dermatologist,

And my mom was in the bathroom,

And the my name was called three times,

And then she looked at me assuming I was at least 18 or older,

I told her I can't go in there because I go in with my mother,

And now people are staring at me like I'm an adult who should have moved out of their house by now,

I've been in my swim suit at YMCA ,

And had tons of guy lifeguards wave me ,

How old do they think I am,

Do they even get I'm 16,

They say when a girl turns sixteen the it's totally sweet,

It's not sweet for me,

Because after all these years I'm still dealing with the pain of puberty,

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