The final diary of a woman in love

September 2, 2011
By Tori.Michelle BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
Tori.Michelle BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
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The final diary of a woman in love

We met when we were young.
You were 16,
I was slightly younger.

You made me feel wonderful;
Time stood still when you looked at me.

Then one day out of the blue
Your parents decided to move.

That week you spent packing
Was the longest, most dreadful week
Of my life.

You swore to me your love
And that you'd come back to me
As soon as possible.

I got my first kiss
The day you left,
Wanting so much more than I could ever have.

I waited months
That felt like years
And years
That felt like centuries.
Yet you failed to return to me.

Eventually, I learned how to move on.
I even married a sweet man
Who made me happy.

But damn.
You cursed me with this craving.
This addiction to you I couldn't rid myself of.

Your eyes,
Your lips,
Your taste,
The way I feel when I'm around you.

I grew old,
My husband died.
And eventually I found a way
To live life more or less content.

And then you showed up on my doorstep
Dressed in dark jeans and an old tee-shirt.
You looked just like you did when you left.

Your smile,
Although big and bright
Was devilish as well.
When saw it,
I melted.

You're beautiful eyes,
With that obvious hunger in them,
They devoured me whole.

Yet as amazing as you looked,
I couldn't bare a peak.

I slammed my door in your face,
Ran to my bed,
And cried for hours that felt like days.

When I finally stopped crying
And realized just how much I still loved you,
How I never really stopped,
I went racing back down.

No matter what happened in between,
We were always meant to be.

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As I raced down my stairs
Fears plagued my mind.
What if you had already left?
What if you didn't love me anymore?

When I opened the door,
You looked into my eyes
And time paused just like it used to.

You spoke to me
Yet I heard no words.
I was mesmerized.

Then you surprised me,
And did something unexpected.
You leaned forward
And kissed my lips.

It was a kiss so deep,
So powerful,
So earth shattering
That my world didn't only stand still,
It ended.

I lay here now,
On the porch of the house I grew up in
With the man I fell in love with.
Connected by the bond that connected our hearts
Since the day we met.

I waited a lifetime to be together.
And now I'll spend eternity in death,
Embraced by your love.

Until life do us part,
You will be mine forever.

The author's comments:
The inspiration for this poem camt to me randomly in the middle of class one day. It took me a while to write it and it wasnt until the end when I reread it to myself that I realized it sounded a lot like The Notebook. If you haven't seen that movie, I highly recommend it! :)

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