The Sweet Disguise

August 31, 2011
By Anonymous

I run.
Run away from the impossible pain dripping down my cold, bare face which is frozen in a mist of shock, staining my tender heart.
Words tremble through my heart filled mind, caressing my sweet disguise.
Go away.
The words are chucked across my face.
Look down to the shadow following you.
Who is that?
Why won’t this feeling disappear?
You need to do something about this tingle.
It drips down to your feet.
You knelt down to your knees as it seems to never stop.
Honestly, you are your own person.
But we are who we are, no who we should be.
Take a minute to finish your thought.
Begin to attempt the impossible, something that no one would ever believe you could do.
I attempt.
Attempt only what the voices tell me.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.

But who sees that? Believes that?
No one.
Inhale a gorgeous mouth full of swallowed up air.
The same air that lets out all negative, tortured afflictions you just do not want to see.
Now, open up to yourself.
Look me straight into the eyes.
The same eyes that lay clean on the clock every single day.
The eyes survived another deadly massacre, a torturous one at that.
Now, stare into those incomplete, hazel eyes.
Who do you see?
As a matter of fact, what do you see?
Live with that fact.
The fact that you know nothing will ever get better.
Don’t you look away now.
I know you see me.
The insides are crying,
Save me now.
Save this.
Time is running out.
The hour glass sand is down to the last grains.
And that is not my fault.

The author's comments:
Inspiration from the heart and soul.

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