But First You Have To Believe

August 31, 2011
By Anonymous

Let’s cross the lines,
then crisscross over them again.
Let’s go back,
over and over.
Until the paper turns shady,
grey and filled in.

Let’s run too fast
and keep running just a little faster,
then collapse.
So we can rise again
and run faster.

Let’s laugh,
a little too loudly.
until we can’t laugh anymore
and we laugh
a little too silently.

Come on,
Let’s do it.
Let’s do it.

Let’s push every energy we have
until we want to give up,
then let’s keep going.
Because we want to;
Because we don’t know what we want,
but we need to move forward.

Let’s plant the flowers
all over our garden.
Put the roots down,
right over the snow.
Let them melt the snow.
Let them shine through the snow.
Let them create a world without the snow;
the world will be the snow globe
and we will be the world.

Come on,
Let’s do it.
Let’s do it.

Take my hand
and show your face.
Come on,
I don’t care anymore.

So plant the flowers;
plant the flowers;
run too fast;
run too fast;
cross the lines,
over and over;
until the side of your hand turns gray,
until every finger is grey.

Play the keys
over and over,
until your pinky grows strong.
Play the keys over and over,
until you read the notes right.

Take my hand;
let me pound the keys
let me make melodies,
that I’ve created.

Can you feel it?
It seeps through;
he is trying to influence you.
Don’t let him;
don’t let him.

You don’t have to fall;
you don’t have to shatter.
Or even break,
or even crack,
but you have to hold on.

Let’s hold on.
Let’s hold on,
and plant the flowers,
until the snow melts;
until our world returns.

Just keep planting the flowers,
like Manette making shoes,
let’s make our escape.
Let’s plant the flowers,
over and over.
Until they make this snow drip;
until the world is the snow globe
and we are the world
and we are safe;
and we can rely again on what’s around us.

Let’s do it.
Let’s do it.
Over and over,
Over and over.
Let’s do it.
Let’s do it,
until I stand before you,
with my palms out;
ready to see;
ready to see you;
and ready to be everything
that I am.

Take my hand,
but careful,
we won’t touch.
Don’t expect a touch.

And play the keys;
play the keys;
play the melodies.
Until your pinky is strong,
until you are singing the song,
because there is nothing left to do.
Until you can’t remember anything else,
then let it all out.
Let it all out.

And I’ll see you,
I’ll see everything,
and understand;
and move forward smiling
without a single scar,
because I never cracked.
I merely got bent around,
around and around,
until I found
my original shape,
and I could see.

Until I could see;
until I could stop planting flowers;
until the snow melted.

But it hasn’t happened yet,
the white is still there,
it still lays thick,
and more is coming.

How are you going to deal with it?
How are you going to deal with it?

You can do it.
You can do it.

Yes, I know.
Wait. I mean,
yes, I think I can.
I think that I can.

So don’t crack,
don’t crack.
Just bend
and be bent.
Until you find your original shape;
until you can see again,
but until then:
just keep going.

The relief will come.
You will hit the surface,
and be able to breathe.
But first, you have to believe.

Not just that you can,
but that you can be everything they say;
everything you say,
AND everything you want.
And put off everything you don’t,
that you cling to.
Because you are being bent;
you are being bent.

Don’t hold there.
You will crack;
you will crack.

Let yourself be bent;
you can handle it.
And soon you will see;
you will see.
But first you have to believe

The author's comments:
If you've read A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, you'll understand the reference to Manette making shoes.

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