What is love?

September 1, 2011
By Anonymous

Love is a wonderful yet dangerous thing.It can consume you and rip you apart,destroy your life,it can also open doors which should not be open.Doors which can make you cry deep inside.The doors of darkness and hate but is hate all ones fate.Is love so powerful one shall not love?Is love so scary one shall hurt one they love?Love.Is it evil or is it peace?Its nether its a happy yet dark dangerous place that one has to open the dark door way to see.Love it can make you happy.It can also kill you inside.Love can change a person in many ways that one shall not go ways that one will die down the road.ways that will consume your soul along the way.don't let love give you a fright because love can be very bright with joy and such.Will the joy last or will the darkness take over the light and break free and soar the night.Love is wicked.Love is all peace.Love is one place one shall not seek of.A dark hole which i shall rise once again into the dark door way to seek love.Keep an open heart but not to open or the darkness will fill the empty spaces.

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