Your Gone Grandma

September 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Your gone grandma I've known you for what seems forever, I though you would leave me never, Until that day you could not stay, so you went far far away. I don't know where you are, I know you are not so far,You're always with me in my heart, I know you and me are not apart, I remember your laugh and smile, I remember your struggling trial. When you was in pain,It hurt me too, to know you was ill,I couldn't help, I didn't know what to do, When I figured out, I was losing you. So I make this promise, I stand by my word, I will love you forever, and never pretend, That your the worlds best grandma, until the end.You used to make me laugh, and bang pans when I was bad, Get grandads walking stick to bang my hand, You used to ask if I had an egg for tomorrow, And shout at the freeZer when it beeped for too long. Now these are just memories, in which I haven't forgotten, Your beautiful soul and our love for each other, I miss you grandma, we'll meet again soon, and when we do, i'll hug you forever, we'll catch up on the past, and look forwards to out future. So farewell for now, your in myHeart, i'll never forget you, and we arn't apart.

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