Life is Full

August 30, 2011
By meghannnn SILVER, Evergreen Park, Illinois
meghannnn SILVER, Evergreen Park, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
\"to live doesnt mean your alive\"

life is full of twists and turns, it makes you or breaks you and drives you from the start
but it never really prepares you for the battle against your own heart
there are certain people that have made you who you are
there are certain situations that leave you broken and scared
there are so many surprises that leave you breathless
and so many times you feel more than helpless
but in this life there are some things you do expect
even though most of them are the ones you neglect
we always ask ourselves why something has affected us
ignoring that we most likely created the mess
life takes time, takes patience, takes effort
but so easily we can rush, slip, and revert
you can try to start over or fix what has been broken
but it may be too late, actions have failed, the words left unspoken
or you can succeed and return to the life you have built yourself
and go on loathing in your own self worth
but to me the turbulence and struggle of being alive
is what makes it so valuable and easy to thrive
the most horrible experience can change the course of who you are
but when your course is skewed you can up the par
when someone hurts you to the point that your touching bottom
you can pick yourself up and let others learn from the problem
when your surprised with the findings of something extreme
it can alter everything, tear your self esteem
but you have to remember that life throws punches, and expects you to fight back
so put up your fists and keep going til they're black
because life is full of twists and turns
but you shouldn't have to hide behind doubt, scars and burns
life is short but full indeed
as long as your ready to beg when you have to, even plead
and never be afraid to move on and precede

The author's comments:
i wrote this about the trials and turbulence of everyday life and how to come out on top.

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