August 30, 2011
By Dcmerrell BRONZE, Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Dcmerrell BRONZE, Sewickley, Pennsylvania
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To be great is to be misunderstood

I stare to the west in the life of the night
when things appear clearer without the light.
Darkness suffuses through the trees
Revealing these ancient oracle's heart felt pleas
Vines wrap around their necks
Choking, strangling and they do not care
For the carelessness of men has led them to despair

A noise from above from the gods in the sky
Divert my gaze as i see them start to cry
I look away from the forest with a tear in my eye
Blending in with these gods' dark goodbyes

I gaze to the north to those northern mountains
Tall and majestic highlighted by the moon's golden fountain
The kings of old topped with white crowns of snow
Stare down at me tempting me to go
Explore their deep secrets, their riches, their gold
When you reach the jewel of their crown only then does the chaos unfold.
Many have come none have conquered
Neither has Death himself ever been defeated

I turn my eyes from these bleak kings
and look to the souther fields, where a thousand a thousand swords
Did sting thousand a thousand men
Where arrows fell like these God's black tears
In the daylight the sky turned obsidian and then the men realized their fear
And now their tomb lies hidden by blackened ring
Buried under a league of vanity

Those men fought for honor, for a drink at the king's table
To become a legend, a myth, a fable
But the only drink they drank from was Death's bitter cup

The field looks beaten no desire to thrive.
Plants in the field start to die alongside those men's wasted lives

I feel lost now, what hope is there for Man
When everywhere around me is so bleak
Then out of the corner of my eye, the shadows start to dance
The wind whispers into my ear ever so low and meek.
"Man's weaknesses are plenty,
Their faults many,
But one thing remains for Man that can never be taken away
Love, love is the constant in life that never changes day to day

Look to the west
where those great trees rest.
Man has not forgotten them
They have seen their faults and gave new life, rising from the ground stems,

Look to the north to those old kings
A group of people traverse these royal things
In hope of obtaining a better life
on the other side, free from strife.

Look to the south to those Men's graves
Glory was not the only thing for their lives they gave
Their wife, their newborn lad
They hoped to give others a better life they never had

So dear child do not be afraid
Men has destroyed this world, but also it made
With blood, sweat and tears
And the godly thing called fear

And as the whisper slowly faded,
I heard a sentence repeated

Love is what holds Man together
Love is Forever,

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