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She's Falling.

September 4, 2011
By sweetness78 SILVER, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
sweetness78 SILVER, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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She hides behind
Pretty eyes
And a fake smile.
She's begging someone
To stay and listen
For a little while.
She's sinking
Back into the dark.
She needs to know
If anyone
Can see her.
She's crying now
Can you hear the sound of
Her screams?
She can barely breathe
She's so tired
Of falling deeper down.
She begs:
"Get me out of here..."
As she screams:
"Let me disappear.
Take me away
To a better place.
They promise it gets better,
But when does it get better?"
She's falling...
She awakes
Knowing she's trapped
In deep water.
She's suffocating,
As she tries to breathe.
Her words won't form.
Her heart can't heal.
They ask her
What she needs.
But all she needs
Is someone.
Someone to care
To need her
To want her
To love her
She wants
To be free.
She's falling...

The author's comments:
This article came from personal experience. I suffered from depression for three years of my life. I felt as if no one could see me, and if they did, no one cared enough to reach out. I was saved from myself by my boyfriend. He showed me there was still enough light in the world to make me happy. He showed me how much there was to live for. I hope that those who are going through the same thing I did can realize someday that no matter what yhou think of yourself, there's someone else in the world who would give their lives for you in an instant.

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