Storm Before the Calm

August 30, 2011
By Dcmerrell BRONZE, Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Dcmerrell BRONZE, Sewickley, Pennsylvania
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Brown clouds of sand blown by gales,
a haze, blind chaos
hiding the treasures of the land,
A Harbinger of a beast
claws at the eyes of man.

Rolling waves of thunder crash on the point,
where calm meets madness
Its white fingers,
Strikes lightning on the beaten shore
Leaving heartbreak as they roar

Blares of rushing water spins the endless stretch
Createing whirpools in the above
Hammering frozen tears to the below
Belnding with the cries of a forsaken people

The Earth quakes with fear,
Twisting and thwarting
A rift to an endless hell
Broken ground, ravaged land,
A tormented world

A man waits in the temptest
Beckoning the storm on,
An old friend, once known
Strength not forgotten

His bright jubilation shines,
a beacon for hope
A knowledge known by few,
Needed by all

The chaos that breaks the peace,
but a pebble on a road,
to a serenity ten fold.
The monster that wrents the land leaves retribution
A more perfect place behind

A sapphire mirror,
Reflects the vibrant colors of heaven,
Its beauty, still, silent
Washing the sins of a world away

Grizzled white haired giants,
A tower between man and the Artificer
It reaches to Him.

The world lies sleeping,
gentle whispers removing the dust
Revealing a ground shaped perfect,
a pearl.

The man stares up, Lights of Heaven
pierces the shrouded veil,
His wisdom, clear as the constant golden morning
That there is always a storm before the calm.

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