Your Fight

August 30, 2011
By MissBipolar BRONZE, Libby, Montana
MissBipolar BRONZE, Libby, Montana
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Tireless days,
Tireless thoughts,
Same pathetic stuff...

Words to speak,
No meaning,
To what you try,
And try,
to unravel...

For, the voice is lost,
Thoughts absorb,
Mind disintegrating...
Feelings liquefy,
‘Till you are nothing more,
then an empty pit.

You feel despair,
Yet no one is there,
To lift you up.
The anguish continues,
Surrendering to your thoughts,
As they break you apart.

‘For, hope is lost...
Time is wasted...
Mouth now numb,
And woe is here,
All to say,
“Your cause of misery,
The affliction you fear,
‘For you're to blame,
For your heavy bare.
Don’t let it seem,
To be so light,
You gave up hope,
Now this is your fight.”

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