Pink Glitter

September 8, 2011
By Anonymous

Under estimated, I chose to rule the world dressed in pink and covered with glitter… and with the strength of ten thousand battles, I succeeded. Leaving all of my enemies in the dust. Without a fight I would never have been tested, and without a game I would have never won. Although I refuse at times to admit to what is often believed my appearance. Flying with falcons and running with wolves I flew by you with the wind and in return you gave me nothing but worthless materials despite my desperation for your affection. Please speak to me God, even though you don’t exist, I hold a place for you somewhere deep in my heart along with other fairy tales in a desolate hope that somewhere in this f***ed up world there is a way to free myself from insecurity, doubt, and pain. Although, to achieve happiness, one must first endure suffering, Audrey M. So free from opposition I ran from the lies, and returned with open eyes, to a world that always existed, but never to me, as a citizen of love, lust, and want without pain. l will always be a lover of beautiful things, and animals with soft fur and wet noses who refuse to ever bring you pain.

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