September 7, 2011
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I’m comparing you to an ocean
More descriptive – a wave
And when I mean you, I mean any boy that has ever hurt me,
By coming in and out of my life
We, me and you, are totally different
You are the ocean
I am the sand,
Yearning for you to reach out to me,
Surround me,
Submerge me under you

But this is how it goes.

I am the sand on the shore line
Waiting for nothing or anything to happen
An occasional breeze stirs me around,
Making me feel disoriented and sick,
But that actually happens almost everyday

Then there are the calm days
The days when you, the waves, creep up on shore ever so gently
These are most days, when even the gentlest breeze makes you move,
Back and forth, back and forth

These are the days when you brush the edge of my memory
My thoughts
And you keep coming back and forth, back and forth

Then there are the days when the water is rough
When the wind is strong and you, the waves, are bigger
Those are the days when I am fully submerged under you
When you rush over me almost making me drown

These are the days when you are physically in my life
The days I talk to you
The days you hurt me
But some day you have to return back
Into the water, leaving me cold

Leaving me to dry up without having you rush over me
Leaving me to become wounded by the wind
Leaving me alone to think of the times with you
Leaving me to think of all the mistakes I made
Leaving me to think of what I believed about you
Leaving me to think of what I always wished you would be
Leaving me to think of you
Leaving me to think about how wrong you were in my life

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Leapdaybaby212 said...
Sept. 14, 2011 at 7:00 pm

this is so goof! I can totally relate 

Please review some of my work! :)

Keep writing :)


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