September 7, 2011
By dharmabum SILVER, West Hartford, Connecticut
dharmabum SILVER, West Hartford, Connecticut
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I saw the fishes in the sea
Colored bright orange, deep blue, and brown
I asked, “Mother may I swim like that?”
She said, “Son, you’ll surely drown,
The ocean will take you for its own if your feet
Ever leave solid ground
I marched into the water, up to my ankles the water wound
I took a deep long breath and screamed,
“Ocean, try and take me now!”
As if accepting my challenge,
A wave came crashing down
Water whirling all around me,
My back on the wet ground
I blinked away the water,
I felt the salty sting
I saw the light blue sky
And the clouds that looked like things,
Like lizards and snakes
And trees and rakes
Like bunnies in hats
And oversized cats
The clouds appeared to me
I felt the urge to swim up there,
Far higher than the sea,
I’d not yet voiced my newfound dream
Before a tug was felt, I was not wet, my mother next to me
I said, “The clouds just look so fine
I wonder how they taste mom,
I bet they taste divine,
I’ve got a brand new wish mom,
I want to soar real high,
Do you think I can do it mom?”
“You can try,” was her reply.
I searched the world around ten times
To find the tallest cliff I could
And take a running start,
I jumped and did some twists and turns
I turned flying to an art
I flew up to the heavens
For a bite of tasty looking cloud
I opened my mouth so widely and thought
“Boy won’t mom be proud”
But I stopped just short
Inches away
I’ve no data to report
I felt a tug
And off I flew
How it happened I don’t know

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