Barren land we own...

September 7, 2011
By frankie23 BRONZE, Calgary, Other
frankie23 BRONZE, Calgary, Other
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We wander a world lost in dimension,
ups and downs lose all meaning.
No more shall our depth deserve meaning
In our world of planes and angles.
Outside the box is a scary place;
Vast expanses of unknown.
Inside the lines is the place to stay,
With rules enforced in stone.
No more shall birds fly through colors,
for such extraordinaire is not condoned.
No more are secrets told under cover,
For a world with shadows cannot be owned.
Our minds be harnessed,
Our wills enslaved,
The power possessed
And rebellions tamed.
Spontaneity be cursed
And dispute be damned,
For in our world no more is our land.
All holes filled in to be rid of depth,
All mountains caved to quiet the sky,
Across the land you can hear the call,
The call to say Goodbye.

The author's comments:
This piece is about our world and how it can be destroyed by us if we do not stand up and call for change. Not only is it about the environment but it is also about our individual freedoms and if we aren't careful we will have to say goodby to it all.

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