Those with the Silent Eyes

September 7, 2011
This world is battered—women and children
cowering into the corners of their desperate minds,

because tonight they’re praying that they won’t die.

It’s the world your fifteen year old daughter struts around in—
heedless, with the chance of her never returning,
or worse— never accepting a hug from her father,
because her spirit was shattered the day she wore a short skirt:

the hidden cries of those I can’t save,
with their fears stained on their quivering cheek
like stale coffee on the page of a new book.

This world filled with lies, I will give
strength in my quiet, but determined voice

for those women who are weak, but listening.

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prettyinpiink said...
Jan. 23, 2012 at 10:13 pm
Love your poem ;) Check out my work If you will
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