Storms of Fear

September 8, 2011
I scream, I cry, her eyes filled with fear.
Something the world will never hear.
He reminds me of the Hulk, so very strong and mad.
No comfort or understanding fills that face I call my Dad.
"He has a mental disease," is how my Mom explained.
Now it is the calm after the storm as if it had just rained.
I knew the lightening would strike again soon, he never made much sense like a song without a tune.
He was never around, he traveled a lot.
When he came back, like a wolf after his prey, he fought.
He soon left, was divorced from my life and I was left with a hole as though my heart was sliced with a knife.
I needed a Father, that kind of love.
Guys were out of the question, so I looked above.
My God, my Savior, My Father, and, yes, my Friend.
He showed me love and is helping my heart to mend.
I still can't see that man without panic gripping me.
I love and have forgiven him, but from my fear I wish I could be free.
No more storms cover my life like a shadow in the night.
But I still hear the distant rumbles of this fear that I still fight.

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