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September 8, 2011
By BPoetry101 SILVER, San Ramon, California
BPoetry101 SILVER, San Ramon, California
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Those who try, try harder than anyone, those who make it, hardly try

Who has a million? Who has that thought? What if I could have that? For college definitely, but I would have some left what would you do? I would start a mechanics business, I would pay for college, I would pay for my car, and lastly I would do something selfless, I would give to a cancer foundation. After my grandpa died I didn’t know what he had and how this had affected him so drastically. Fortunately my parents told me, he had cancer. The power of the illness is insane and no one knows how to completely cure it. However, maybe what I say and do will help. While there is the story on why I would give to cancer foundation there is also another look at what car? What type of business? Which college? I hope in good time the raising of a mechanical engineering business will prosper that is why I will end up putting some money away for it. While looking at my car, would I get a sporty car? Yes, but I would also make sure it is fuel-efficient in one of the best ways possible. I am only a teenager and still have to think about how much money I spend on gas in the long run. Then college, a mighty triumphant feat that we all have yet to learn, to spread our wings to more knowledge. I would pay for my school in the future, which is UC Berkeley, UC LA, or UC Santa Barbara. All of them are very good schools and in the end hopefully bring back the thought of it all.

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My friend told me about a million dollars...

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