Equestrianism is a Sport!

September 8, 2011
By Melissa13 BRONZE, Stuart, Florida
Melissa13 BRONZE, Stuart, Florida
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People who ridicule those who ride,
Have no idea what power we hide.
With our legs so strong,
And our patience so long,
For the passion and love of the horses.
We acknowledge the risks,
We know that they are animals,
And they can do as they please,
But nothing is better than getting back in the saddle again!
Riders would not exist without the horse,
We are the ones who guide them and ride them,
But the horse is the true athlete that does
The Jumping,
The Galloping,
The Trotting,
The Bucking,
But us riders are the ones that stay on through
The Jumping,
The Galloping,
The Trotting,
The Bucking,
As you can see, equestrianism is a partnership
between the horse and rider.
And it is a true sport.

The author's comments:
I am a proud equestrian and spend most of my spare time riding or thinking about horses.

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