The French Revolution: A Republic Born

September 10, 2011
By Anonymous

We’re taxed, so heavily it is not alright
The clergy and nobility shan't recognize our plight
While prices rise for bread not fit to eat
They count our money in their sleep
Old king Louis will not stop it
For he is one that is making profit
We should take him off the throne
No matter how much he whines and groans
For as our children starve and weep
The aristocrats feast on wine and meat
They think that they are better than we
That we should kneel down and kiss their feet
We formed an assembly a month ago
The government we intend to overthrow
We’ll capture Bastille and loose the prisoners
There is no way we’ll lose, my avid listeners
We will establish a document, enclosed therein
The rights of men and of citizens
Next we the victorious revolutionaries
Will storm Versailles, we’ll take down Paris!
We will impose our own declaration
Forming rights for the whole nation!
We will take the flour from the royal store!
Well pass it out to the masses and hordes
An extreme new kind of government reform
A monarchy will die a republic being born!

The author's comments:
I had to write a poem describe the people's point of view during the French Revolution as a school project.

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