Come Back To Me

September 10, 2011
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Lions, tigers, and bears dont scare me.
But being without you does.
You mean more to me than you think you do.
Thats how it always was.
Dont believe me baby?
You can check my heart.
It cries hysterically for you, when we're apart.
Whats all the crying and the huffing and the puffing for?
You said you loved me but now you say that your heart is torn.
Arguing and fighting..
Baby we could do better.
If your jealous of that "other girl",
Then I wish I never met her.
We can make it through the problems and mistakes.
I'll do what I can to make it better, Whatever it takes.
I believe we can work it out.
But you have to believe too.
Otherwise theres no reason for me too.
Without you, I dont know where I'd be.
So please baby, make up your mind..
Come back to me.

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