The Destruction of Everything and Nothing

September 10, 2011
By LaurenSarrantonio SILVER, Commack, New York
LaurenSarrantonio SILVER, Commack, New York
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Coalescing corpses
accumulating in a jar
overflowing limbs beside irrupting astragali
Analogously dispersed familiar faces in between
the loneliness affixed to molecules that cling
to the stirring air, dense with memories
a jar of bodies I’ve seen
across the hours of my life
Filling, filling, filling up
A dispatch of the horde towards the top
while emptiness subjugates the crowded bunch,
everything and nothing
all at once.

People and Places
inward a single condensed container
congregating a life
within walls of glass, growing thinner
I try to capture, hold and perdure what I find
But the sun runs, leaving moments behind

Above a graveyard of suffocated grass
Lay a white blanketed field, where shadows cast
Slaughtered carcasses scatter across
As selfish hunters mourn the loss
The blood seeps through the submissive snow
Until the sun will once again go

“Make more bodies,” the mind tells the soul
So bleeding hearts and expired eyes roll
I gather, I kill, I sneer
But a life remains hungry consuming fear
Angst taunts me, starving for a dose of vanity
Prospective days run ahead of me

The jar fills in continuum, eating up space
As I empty, and sell away disregarded grace
The heap of trapped bodies convert to organs
So I tear apart the pieces of myself
Deliquescing skin among the field; dying snow
Above the grass that will nevermore grow
Combusting at the withered seams
Eyes that have not once seen things as they seem
Scrape them out, excavate every ounce of fluid and each bit
but for some reason my mind fails to quit

Brittle bones beneath a heavy head
my body disintegrates with the weight, familiar with the dead
Moribund decay and killers fall away,
my thoughts and I, a dyad
the mocking rose and a twisted stem to add
Her flourished flowers
‘Neath stretching rays of sunlight
She offers a deranged smile to the overflown jar
Her thorns and my being; apart not far
The destruction of everything and nothing
with an exception of the prisoner
waiting for the chance to take her

The author's comments:
Definitely a well needed "vent poem"

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