The Heartbeat Of a Little

September 10, 2011
By LittleMonster3254 BRONZE, Province, New York
LittleMonster3254 BRONZE, Province, New York
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Favorite Quote:
Baby, you were born this way<3

I started out alone; it was just you and I
Then we grew bigger, due to your unique style

You shocked the world with your personality
This type of showmanship cannot be gained from a degree

The fame brought smiles, laughs, cries&amp; tears
However after listening it wiped away all my fears

The world is confusing, messed up I can say
With you in it I no longer feel betrayed

Betrayed of all the lies and misconceptions
Finally I feel as I’m walking in the right direction

When you smile I’m instantaneously in a better mood,
You have the capability of controlling my happiness
Thanks to you I’m not longer a hot mess

I like being able to give you that control
Without you or your music I would be such a dull

The connection we are all privileged to have with you
Is not something most people have in general with any other human being,

You showed me first to always love myself
Once that task is complete your set

Treating people fairly is what were both about
I preach this fairness and equality everyday without any doubt

The thought of two people not being able to marry and live a life of happiness due to their sex
Has my temper boiling and my thoughts are vexed

I thought we were in the land of the free
I’m not seeing this “amazing” prophecy

I know I can be my weird little self
That is something we both can do well

I don’t have to worry about being the cool kid or fitting in
I can finally be myself and live in delicious sin

Without my mother monster in my life showing me the good light
Id feel as I’m always living alone and empty without any clear sight

Thank you for brining the best of me out
I can finally say I love my self, scream and shot

You are truly an incredible being,
Thank you for giving me this never ending love feeling

The author's comments:
My feelings towards the breathtaking woman.

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