Looking Down

August 3, 2011
Looking down, now, as I do
From my great height
Of imagined invincibility

The only crack in my armor
You know
The only weakness to my
Well-protected heart
Is that it needs to be loved

I see your shattered face
In the mirror I threw
All twenty-three stories down
Twenty-three months of love
Shattered, so invisible, as I
Never thought I’d be again

That was my only dream, you
Know—to be loved by you
If I prayed, it was for you to
See me, in my first miniskirt
Then my prom dress; I learned to
Wear stilettos just for you

And, for those twenty-three months
(seventy-two days, or 1728 hours)
I believed I was no longer invisible
But when I saw the mirror
I realized you never started loving me
You put a mirror in your eyes
So I’d see the love in mine
Reflected back to me
And that is my one weakness.

Use it well.

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