If You Want A Lover

August 3, 2011
By snowybutterfly DIAMOND, Fremont, California
snowybutterfly DIAMOND, Fremont, California
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If you want a lover,
Take me.
If your heart can only hold a friend,
You are mine already, and I, I hope,
Am yours.

I have a habit of making things
Too big, inflating them with thoughts
Until they no longer hold
Anyone but me.
Today I won't disturb
Whatever color bonds and canyons
Lie between our laughter
Unless you ask.

I can't hear your hands in my hair yet,
I can't taste your arms around me,
So if your name won't cry mine
When you are feeling that
You won't be missed,
So be it. But I do
Hope you
The echo
Of my forbidden
Whispers to you, how
My smile feels like a violin
When you touch my heart. Yes,
I want you to love me. But I can be
content, if you can't, with being yours.

The author's comments:
This poem was partly shaped by the shape of the words.

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