The High

September 4, 2011
By Nessa SILVER, Sugarland, Texas
Nessa SILVER, Sugarland, Texas
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you inhale
and exhale
losing clarity
and detail
which is why
when you look in her eyes
you don't see her
ping at the seams
while you're smoking your dreams
can't you see you'll destroy them
cause you smoke through your days
out of boredom
cause it makes you feel like a man
but what you don't understand
is that that's what she
wants to do for you
she wants to be that high
for you
ease your mind
take you through the stuff
that you're going through
be that spark
and that light
that gets through to you
that guides you to a better place
that could be new
to you
so forget the people that are
surrounding you
forget what is is
they're pressuring you to do
who was there from the start
stop and see who really cares
for you
smoke in your heart
and smoke in your head
she wants to cry
when she sees you choose
that high instead
instead of
what she's tryin to offer you
her world
her dedication
her heart that's breaking
she looks at you
think about what you're
putting her through
blunt in hand
she looks at you
and can't believe
you don't even look
like you
but maybe it's just
the cloud of smoke
that's in between you two
maybe it's her over the high
that you're prepared to lose
so while you
take another hit
please remember
she let you choose.

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