Never Ending

September 3, 2011
By gabbagabba5598 BRONZE, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
gabbagabba5598 BRONZE, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
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you scream, you cry, you crash, you burn.

My life is a maze,
Every-time i feel like its the end a new maze comes that's harder and longer,
Sometimes the maze lasts for a while,
sometimes its quick,
The maze I'm in feels like it will never end,
I've finished this maze before so i know where it ends,
It ends at my heart,
But this time i have found no end,
This end will never come,
But there is something new about this maze,
In this maze I see pictures,
I see pictures of when i was happy,
Of when we were together,
That hurts the most,
I'm running backwards,
I'm trying to get back to the beginning,
Back to when this never happened,
But the thing is the maze is closed,
I'm stuck in this never ending lifetime maze.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem when i went through a terrible break up. i was devistated and wrote this poem, but i want everyone to know that if you ever feel like i did just know that it does get better. it might not feel like it now but it does get better.

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