A message to dad

September 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Hurt,depression,and confusion these are only some of the things you have put me through. You expect love out of me when you have given me nothing but hate. I was just a little girl with hurt bigger than the world, you made me feel weak as little as a speck of dirt. I thought it was my fault I though I did something that made you not come around. You made me hate myself abuse myself because you did not love me enuf. Then one day I grew up no longer a little girl, and I realized who are you to make me feel this way. As a little girl with a wound on my heart not even my loving mother could heal.All because the man that was suppose to be their to tuck me in at night,to tell me that you love me and to protect me my daddy was not their. But god as my witness I refuse to let you make me feel like that little girl again. And so you are only my father on paper so don't ever say that you are more.

The author's comments:
My dad was not there for me when growing up and he made my feel these things so this is a message that I would like to to him.

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