My Hearts Depart

August 24, 2011
By DitzieBlondie2 BRONZE, Queensbury, New York
DitzieBlondie2 BRONZE, Queensbury, New York
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Although running away hasn’t been hard,
I must admit it’s never gotten me far,
Besides to the place where I always start.

But as for now I'll respect my heart,
To make it easy for myself and just depart
While hiding my scars from falling apart.

Considering the fact that I must be smart
I’ll out-play this game and prevent the dart
That’s dodged and aimed to strike the chart
Right on the bull’s-eye, then break my heart.

I will not give in, forever I shall bogart
My hopes and dreams which now upstart
To a whole new gear after its jumpstart
Forbidding to stall as I steer this go-cart.

Running away realistically isn’t so hard.
As long as you know it can take you far,
Rather than letting fear dictate your depart.
Otherwise, you’ll end up where you always start.

The author's comments:
Sometimes, it may feel impossible to love somebody when deep down you feel that it may be wrong, or not worth fighting for. Although, at the same time, you hear a voice telling you to just give it a try without thinking twice about it. After past relationships for me had fallen apart, I almost felt like I wanted to give up on love altogether because it simply just did not exist; or at least that's what I tried convincing myself to believe. After two years had gone by from my previous relationship sailed, I began to feel like my old self again. Willing and determined to give love another try, without any hesitations holding me back to believe otherwise.

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