Wait For Me

August 24, 2011
By Cantrella PLATINUM, Kamuela, Hawaii
Cantrella PLATINUM, Kamuela, Hawaii
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Favorite Quote:
" Backward, turn backward
oh time in your flight,
make me a child again,
just for tonight." E.A. Allen

When I first knew you-
When was that?
I have always known you.
In the Past, Present, and Future,
I was there and so were you.

My friend, wait for me.
I have to go on this journey.
I promise I will return
I have to go.
It is time for us to find our strength.

We will meet again,
No longer girls, shy in the ways of the world,
But strong women, who will laugh,
Cry and rejoice when reunited.

Let us walk now alone along this road.
We have what we need,
I my pen,
As do you, ready.
When we reach the fork choose your path.
I have chosen mine-
Where Earth, Sea, Wind and Fire have created a balanced existence.

Our roads will meet one day-
Do not run.
Walk, there is much to learn where you go.
Your voice and pen will be your sword.
Use them wisely-
Call, and though I will not be able to join you,
I will be there,
Loving directions and advice guiding your way.

My friend wait for me.
It will not be long.
One day we will meet,
At the end of the road
The sky will open,
And a rainbow will arch above us.

The author's comments:
This poem is dedicated to my friend for life and sister of my heart, Hannah. I love you, I hope we will always be friends.

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