Demanding Gravity

August 24, 2011
By JessieLeigh2794 BRONZE, Hillsborough, New Jersey
JessieLeigh2794 BRONZE, Hillsborough, New Jersey
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"I am the girl everyone envies, but no one wants to be."

The sunrise can’t compare to you.
The sunset can’t follow through.
Your light, unlike the moon, is not fake.
Your eyes shouldn’t shine for the stars sake.
You make me feel weightless like I’m out in space.
The best pictures of the Milky Way can’t beat your face.
Your voice is smoother than the clouds.
As long as I’m with you the thunder can sound.
When your holding me let it rain.
But hold the hail to not go insane.
When you leave there is mist in the air.
When the sky darkens over everyone knows you’re not there.
Sometimes you can be as cold as snow.
The first flake makes me want to go.
What you say can be harsh just like an ocean wave.
But when the sun comes out you make me brave.
Sometimes this orbit can drive me mad.
But when the light shines on it, was it all that bad?
When the moon goes down and the sun comes up will you be holding me?
The rainbow is only beautiful if you are there to see.
Let the lightning strike down on this harsh society.
You are my demanding gravity.

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