The Absolute

August 24, 2011
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Cradled in my palms
Stained with the color of roots
Sits the soil
It whispers in my ears
Calling upon the lives it still carries
My thumbs bear the calluses
Of the burns that had been licked by the neon flames
Pinched between them is a daisy
Its center is an eye
Staring directly into my thoughts
I wonder who can hear themselves
My toes are washed with the dew of an evening's breath
Where it ripples, born from a shiver
Across my skin
Soon the rain will wash me
And purity will cascade
Like an aura and he darkness will fall away
It carries the ego and the body where I dwell
I spread my wings with golden light
And listen as my brothers and sisters speak to me
It is a rhythmic voice that rings above the horizon
And leaves the croaking words speechless
Because no words are needed to erupt from aching throats
And the waterfall's messages are as obvious as the crane’s call
The chain is without a weak link
Impervious to rust of distress
The silver that it bears is also the lining to our hearts
As my body rests and my mind is quiet
Nothing is more strong than what my eyes cannot see
My spirit breaks and a rainbow shadows useless thoughts
As the steps begin into the path of involution.

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